Product Range

Novolac Resins

Main component used as a binder

Steel Fiber

Provides stability, durability, low wear rate, good heat dissipation, stable friction factor and improves mechanical properties, crack resistance

Friction Dust

Filler, modifying porosity and friction performance

Natural and Synthetic Graphite

Lubricant, modulates the braking effect, contributes to braking comfort and to noise reduction

Mineral Fiber

Gives stability, high temperature property, low abrasion, low noise


Mainly used in friction linings for high temperature insulation

Lead Suphide

Slip property modifier to improve heat conduction and regulate the friction coefficient

Antimony Trisulphyde

High temperature inorganic binder, lubricant and friction regulator

Para Aramid Pulp

Organic fiber, helps to prevent mix segregation, improves pre-form and final product strength and reduces noise


Mostly used as a filler


crosslinking agent; main use is in the production of powdery and liquid preparations of phenolic resin molding compound, where it is added as a hardening component

Powdered Nitril Butadien Rubber

Organic friction performance regulator, providing high and stable friction coefficient, cohesive action, increasig bonding ability