About Us

ZEM KIMYA is founded in 2002, Istanbul.

Acting as a consistent Novolac Resin producer for friction industry over 30 years, it has been decided to broaden the product range by adding other vital friction chemicals in the portfolio.

Our company is one of the leading Novolac Resin manufacturers for friction and foundry sectors. Besides, ZEM KİMYA is serving as a supplier of various supplementary materials used in friction industry from all over the world.

Our core business, Novolac Resin, is produced on the basis of know-how acquired over 40 years in both technical and commercial fields. Therefore we ensure to meet customer requirements with flexible and product based approach.

Additionally, we supply nearly all the side materials needed for the friction industry. Our company’s mission is to provide all necessary raw materials for the brake lining and brake pad producers with high quality and competitive prices worldwide.

ZEM KİMYA assures the customer satisfaction and reliability with the experience and consultancy of our entrepreneur Mr. Orhan Boyacıoğlu combining with the global connections in the friction industry.

ZEM KİMYA is the right place to gather all you need for the Friction Industry.